Android to get ad-free Angry Birds in March

April would have alliterated better

Ad-addled Angry Birds addicts on Android will be all atingle at the announcement that advert-free Angry Birds is on its way to Android.

Rovio Mobile, the company behind the habit-forming game, has tweeted that the premium advertless version will be coming to Android at some point in March.

Responding to a tweet asking if the ad-free version is coming soon for Android, Rovio replied, "Within a month is the current plan".

Angry Androids

Currently, there is no paid-for version of Angry Birds on Android, despite other platforms, including iOS, offering the game unsullied by marketing messages for a small fee.

The premium ad-free version will hit Android at about the same time as Angry Birds Rio, an Angry Birds game featuring characters from Fox's animated film Rio.

There's no word on what UK users can expect to pay for the ad-free Android app, but we don't imagine that it will cost you more than the 59p iOS version.

Via Into Mobile and Android Community



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