Google's Android to have severely limited Bluetooth

Can't even share files with your mates

Chat about the first Android phone having GoogleTalk functionality seems to be wide of the mark as developers have admitted the Bluetooth functionality will be limited.

The Android Developers, over on their blog, have confirmed that the GoogleTalk service has been dumped for now over security concerns, as a whole host of devices would be able to access the account in the disguise of a 'notification.'

It also meant that temporary contacts might be able to access user info without permission, so in deference to the problem the whole thing was scrapped for the time being.


This has also led to a whole host of other Bluetooth features going missing. Essentially, all people will be able to do is connect to headsets, so no file sharing, object pushing or other connectivity fun.

Whether a fix will be offered via a firmware update is unknown; but given that the iPhone hasn't got much in the way of Bluetooth support either (in fact the same amount as the forthcoming Android handset) perhaps this will be just swept under the rug for the time being.


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