Huawei unveils 7-inch tablet running Android 3.2

Another Honeycomb update coming Q3

Huawei has sashayed once again into the tablet market, unveiling a 7-inch Android 3.2 slate named the Huawei MediaPad.

Wait a minute, Android 3.2? According to Huawei, Google has a new iteration of its Honeycomb operating system set to launch later this year, the only difference being that 3.2 is designed to work on smaller screen devices – an update that Asus and HTC will no doubt welcome.

But back to the MediaPad – we're looking at a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm processor, WSVGA display with a pixel density of 217ppi (impressive for a tablet), 1080p video out, a 5MP rear-mounted camera and a 1.3MP camera on the front.

3Geez Louise

Unusually, Huawei is not planning to launch a Wi-Fi only version of the tablet, instead it will come in 3G form only.

With a 10-inch tablet also in the works, the Huawei MediaPad UK release date should fall some time in Q3 (July to September).

However, the company is yet to reveal UK pricing – or, indeed, any pricing for the Huawei MediaPad at all.

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