Google Nexus 7 successor to sport a Qualcomm chip, not Nvidia?

It's a Snapdragon-Tegra off!

There hasn't been much Nexus 7 2 gossip to speak of for a while, but today we're hearing that Google may have opted for Qualcomm over Nvidia in its next 7-inch tablet.

The current Google Nexus 7 model has an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor powering its innards, but Digitimes is now reporting that Google and Asus have opted for the Qualcomm equivalent for its 4G/LTE support.

Digitimes cites yet more upstream supply chain sources which we treat as spuriously as ever - but does note that the Nvidia Tegra 4i would solve this 4G problem but won't launch soon enough for Google.

And I/O I/O I/O

We're expecting to hear something official on the next Nexus tablets from Google at its May I/O developer conference, at which point we'll find out for sure whether Asus is even the company making the slate.

In January Digitimes busted out some more sources who said that Asus was the chosen collaborator on a super-cheap new tablet, but it then reported that Asus denied the claims.

The moral of the story is don't believe everything you read, especially if you read it on Digitimes. So… Nvidia processor, anyone?


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