Looks like you'll be able to buy Apple’s AirPods next week

About time too

Apple delayed its controversial Bluetooth AirPods back in October, but it seems the earbuds may be ready to launch as soon as next week.

One customer who spoke to an employee at Conrad – an Apple reseller in Germany –  was told the headphones will be ready to launch next Friday, November 18.

The source told German site Apfelpage.de, “I have just talked with an employee of the Conrad Online Store, since I am there on 14.10 the AirPods ordered and I wanted to cancel today [sic].

“According to information from the employee, they have stockpiles from 17.11, I will then have them between November 18-19.”

Not long now

We’ve asked Apple to confirm the release of the AirPods, but the company declined to comment.

There’s no guarantee the customer or the supplier is right, but it would make sense as it would be three weeks after the original delay, and a Friday – Apple regularly releases its products on a Friday, so that detail would check out.

The reason for the delay isn't currently clear, but Apple did state when the AirPods launched it would only release the headphones when ready for public use.

Via Cult of Mac


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