Google tests infinite scroll in web results

Taking the ooooo out of Google

Google has confirmed that it is testing infinite scrolling in its web search results, meaning we could see an end to clicking through pages of results.

Although the search giant rolled infinite scrolling out to image searches some time ago, it has dragged its heels about bringing the feature to the web.

And who can blame it? It will mean saying farewell to the Goooooogle page counter that epitomises the googol meaning behind the company's name.


But screw that, we want our convenient one-page results and a YouTube user has posted a video showing how it currently looks.

Instead of the Google page counter, there's a "show more results" bar which you click to load the next set of returns – which isn't quite as simple as the infinite scroll in, say, Facebook, which automatically loads the next lot as you reach the bottom of the page.

It's all fairly self-explanatory, but we're looking forward to when (if) it gets an official roll-out. We're just kind of lazy like that.

Via Search Engine Land and Gizmodo


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