Google has wheeled out the latest tweak to its ongoing redesign of search, news, maps, translate and Gmail, unveiling what will no doubt be a life changing tool bar.

We bid farewell to the heavy black bar with a happy heart, and welcome in the new Google bar which is a very pleasant shade of light grey.

Links to all the Google services are tidied away in a drop-down menu, while the familiar search box takes pride of place.

Bar fly

On the right, you'll find the social networking features – Google+ notifications and an easy share button which Google no doubt hopes you'll use with gay abandon.

Because hiding what used to be separate options into a drop down menu and changing the colour of a toolbar is a complicated concept that you may not be able to grasp, Google has produced a handy video to illustrate it all:

Glad that's all cleared up then.

Eddie Kessler, technical lead at Google, explained that it's all about making life simpler for people: "Making navigation and sharing super simple for people is a key part of our efforts to transform the overall Google experience."

From Google Blog