We've rated the first six Star Wars films' trailers to compare with the latest one

Revenge of the Sith may have just been beaten...

As we were waiting for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers to land a few weeks ago we got to wondering how excited we were when the last films' trailers arrived.

In all honesty even the oldest member of the techradar team can't remember the original trailer to Star Wars (before it was given its 'A New Hope' subtitle), so we were keen to go back with fresh, yet cynical, eyes and rate each trailer.

If you're anything like us then you've already watched the Force Awakens trailer about a thousand times - but you can always afford yourself one more view to remind yourself of what the hype's about.

Can we speak for almost anyone and say that this was well worth the wait? All 2 minutes and 19 seconds of more Star Wars footage is a directed thing of beauty (and ingenious marketing) that you can watch over and again.

There's the giant vistas of underground temples, the quaint naivete (and awful memory) of the new series protagonists Rey and Finn, and who could forget Poe Dameron getting mind-scrambled by new Dark-Sider-to-hate Kylo Ren?

The trailer is packed with so much more context as to who the film's new characters are and how series old timers will find their way back into the story, that it's practically a primer on the movie. And it managed all that without spoiling the plot? That seems like at least an 8/10, right?

So what about the predecessors?

Star Wars: A New Hope

Ah the movie that, in Apple parlance, changed everything; and a trailer that's so utterly shoddy you can completely understand why the extras were swearing at the then-unknown cast as they walked past them.

The trailer highlights the cast; fresh faced Mark Hamill, the fresh faced Carrie Fisher and, well, the already ruggedly craggy Harrison Ford and definitely shows a few of the iconic moments, including Luke's clumsy swing with Leia, but nobody could accuse it of showcasing the Star Wars universe at its finest. Bad trailer, legendary film.

Trailer rating 2.5/10

The Empire Strikes Back

The movie that changed everything - again (HT Apple again). Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best of the original trilogy, although the original Star Wars obviously remains the most impactful.

The trailer is, still, pretty awful - with a dreadful cheesy voiceover - but points are won with a glimpse of Boba Fett, a chunk of Hoth and a quick look at the key players...and Lando Calrissian. It's an epic of romance (Luke STOP! It's your sister…), of heroes and villains and exploding Star Wars logos.

Trailer rating 2.5/10

Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi in trailer form has clearly benefited from a few key learnings - with a bit of polish fairly obviously arriving for the third in the series.

There's a few spoilers (It's a trap!) in retrospect and the injection of an element of doubt about Luke's parentage, as well as a Force ghost Obi Wan.

But let's face it - it's a long, long away from a modern trailer.

Trailer rating 5.5/10


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