EEE TV resurfaces at Computex

Asus stays cagey on details

A 42” TV was on display on the Asus stand at Computex, labelled the HDTV and pumping out some HD programming.

The EEE TV popped up in January this year, and was rumoured to be appearing sometime this summer.

Too many E’s

The device was a standard LCD TV that could also run Linux as well, and the TV on display at Computex was decked out with USB ports and LAN inputs.

The staff at the booth were unwilling to give any more details, but previously released specs state the basic functionality of the computing side will allow web-browsing and email, as well as some kind of application download capability, we assume.

The EEE TV is supposed to be only £100 more than a 42” full HD-TV, so expect it to hit around the £1000 mark.



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