Roberts wants to wake you up in all ways

Though it won't touch you

Roberts has released a clock radio that appears to want to wake you up to any sound in the world, via any means possible.

The Roberts Sound 40 can play CDs, SD cards or iPod / iPhone via an auxiliary input.

It also whacks on FM and DAB radio so you can get woken up by the dulcet tones of your favourite DJ.


And it has that VITAL function that all clock radios need to have: a Monday-Friday alarm setting.

How many times have we crawled in to bed on Friday after one too many sherberts, only to be woken at 6.45AM because we forgot to TURN THE ALARM OFF??

The Sound 40 also allows bookmarking of SD or CD tracks, so if you're really pernickety you can make sure you arise to the exact moment Justin Timberlake starts singing on your fave N*Sync track.

Available for £100, run out and get your hands on one now if you fancy it.



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