The Top 10 desktop PCs for business

The Top 10 business desktop PCs

Mac versus PC

Running Windows apps on a Mac with Parallels
Running Windows apps on a Mac with Parallels

The huge success of the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod has helped Apple in the old PR stakes, but shipments of its desktops and laptops remain a single-figure percentage of total PC shipments – however is certain markets like the US, Macs now account for 1 in 10 of all desktops shipped and the figures are rising year-on-year. The real questions are how does a Mac or PC deployment integrate into any existing business IT infrastructure, meet your IT budget and provide the security you demand?

In reality both PC and Mac systems can meet your business's functional needs, however most businesses end up opting for a PC deployment due to lower hardware and software costs, greater choice and flexibility in system specification, easier maintenance and lower training costs. Until recently support for legacy software and systems could have demanded a PC-only hardware solution, but virtual PC software effectively eliminates this as an issue enabling legacy software to run on new PC and Mac hardware alike.

Largely Macs find their way into the creative industries, where to a greater extent their ease-of-use and to a lesser extent their aesthetic design, make them more desirable for publishing, audio production, web and graphic design, but largely these systems still run on top or alongside PC systems with no issues.

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