Best printer deals in the UK: Our top 15 recommendations for 2015

HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, they're here

Remember talks of a paperless office/world where everything would be digitised, available only on a display near you? Well it never happened. We're printing more than ever before and mobile devices have, ironically, been fueling the growth of printing.

We gathered the best printer deals around in three categories: Laser printers, inkjet printers and multi-function printers. They have been chosen because they represent the best value for money of their respective price brackets.

Best laser printer deals

Best inkjet printer deals

Best multi-function printer deals

Worth considering

What you need to know

  • I have not taken into consideration the total cost of ownership which also includes the cost of consumables (ink, toner, drum etc), electricity consumed and maintenance.
  • I have included cashback deals since I consider them to be too attractive to ignore but these (and trade-in offers usually) make choosing a printer a more complicated task.
  • Business features have not been taken into account in drawing that list.
  • This pricelist will be updated every month.
  • No refurbished, no ex-display, no second hand, only from reputable UK vendors, price doesn't always include delivery.


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