Pure Jongo and Samsung speakers get more friendly with Spotify

Starting today, Spotify Premium users will be able to control their Samsung Shape wireless audio-multiroom speakers straight from the Spotify app.

Samsung's quick to tell us that its Multiroom system is the first product in the world to let Spotify Connect stream to more than two speakers, too.

Spotify Connect offers a listening experience that's superior to a Bluetooth connection, allowing for high quality (320kbps) streaming and the ability to change playback from headphones to home stereo with just a couple of taps in the app

But Samsung's not the only one getting cosier with Spotify. Pure has also announced that its Jongo wireless speaker system will now be opened to use any music streaming service, not just its own Pure Connect service.

You'll be able to pump the tunes from Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and others to the Jongo system, all thanks to an improvement to the Caskeid sync technology. However, it will be via Bluetooth for now.