How to pre-order the SNES Mini Classic Edition

Get ‘em while you can

Update:  Pre-orders have been opening and closing like a shutter in a storm recently and though many people now have a SNES secured, there are just as many still looking to get one. 

Considering the dearth of stock and the fact that this is the ideal Christmas gift, we wouldn't be surprised if people tried to order more than one when stock became available. Unfortunately, if you tried to do this via Amazon UK you're in for a bit of bad news as the retailer has retroactively limited orders to one per person. 

In an email to customers posted on NeoGAF, Amazon put its decision down to "a change in availability." Whether this is because Amazon has been told it'll receive less stock than it initially thought or whether Nintendo has requested that Amazon enforce one-per-customer the rule that Nintendo itself had on its own site is unclear. 

If you did managed to make an order through Amazon for more than one console, you'll still get your SNES. But you'll only get one. 

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Sharpen your elbows, the SNES Mini is coming September 29 2017, and pre-orders are open (and currently sharply closed again in the UK, as stock gets nabbed by speedy fans)! Here you’ll find the retailers that you can pre-order with. 

Helpfully there are several different names that the SNES Mini is known by: SNES Classic, Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System (catchy) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. 

Considering the NES Classic was eventually referred to as NES Mini we're going with SNES Mini for this one. 

We'll be regularly updating this post, keeping you on top of the SNES Mini situation as the stores come in and out of stock.

Though some may already be due a restock, there are a few different places that you will eventually be able to get your hands on one of the desirable little devices.

How to pre-order in the UK:

Currently the below retailers are out of stock but this is where you will be able to pre-order once they get more.

Game UK is a reputable retailer with an excellent reward scheme, so if you're a keen gamer, it makes sense to but through Game.

For a short period Amazon had stock, and it reduced its price from £79.99 to £69.99 following the Nintendo site's lead. It is now out of stock again, should that change we'll let you know. 

Naturally Nintendo has stock of its own console, and what's more, it was selling the device for £10 cheaper than the other websites. It is now saying that it's out of stock, but should anything change we'll let you know.

Another retailer to make its stock available for pre-order was Very UK. It has since sold out but it's worth checking back now and again to see if it becomes available as retailers appear to be announcing availability in batches. 

Argos is the most recent retailer to make pre-orders available and it's matched Nintendo's £69.99 price point. 

How to pre-order in Australia:

The first retailer to make stocks available in Australia was EB Games, but the devices have already sold out, despite strictly limiting purchases to one per customer.

JB Hi-Fi is also limiting purchases to only one per person, and there currently seems to be stock available for pre-order. So if you want one, get in quick before the retailer runs out as well. 

How to pre-order in the US:

Several US retailers including Amazon, and Walmart have landing pages for the console but pre-orders aren't open yet. You can however, click through to these to sign up for notifications when stock becomes available. 

The SNES Mini will be $79.99 in the US.

The second hand pre-order

If the NES Mini is anything to go by you will want to pre-order one, other wise you will get caught up in the Ebay market of people selling them for a massive markup. In fact, ComicBook have already noticed SNES Mini listings for $300

As we get more information about the status of stocks we will let you know.