5 reasons you should use a VPN in (and away from) Canada

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As Covid forced many citizens to work from home and changed the way the world thinks about remote working, the use of Canada VPNs has soared. Indeed, at the start of pandemic, the increase in Canadians using a VPN reportedly rose by 206%.

The best VPN services allow you to protect your privacy and sensitive data. How? They mask your real IP address and location trick your ISP in to thinking you are somewhere else, while securing your data inside an encrypted tunnel. 

Not just for security though. You may want to change location for accessing certain sites or content, for example. A VPN is a handy tool that lends itself to many uses.  

Whether you are living in or traveling to Canada, here are some of the main reasons why you may want to consider using a VPN.  

1.  Secure your data from the Five Eyes

You've probably heard about the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and its commitment to monitor communications, especially online. Well, Canada its one of its founder members alongside the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. 

These five countries collaborate with each other in developing new surveillance techniques, while gathering and sharing information about their citizens. 

With this in mind, a Canada VPN is what you want to prevent authorities prying eyes to snoop around your online activities and personal data. That's also the reason why an increasingly number of people are using a UK and US VPNs, too. 

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2. Protect your privacy from invasive regulations

The Canadian government is developing the reputation as one of the most invasive regimes in the Western world when it comes to privacy regulations and enforcement. Take bills C-11 and C-51 as examples to support this notion.

According to the bill C-11, or Copyright Modernization Act, ISPs are required to track your online activities to check you are not infringing any copyright regulations. While bill C-51, or Anti-terrorism Act 2015, allows authorities to access some of your very personal details like bank accounts and travel plans if you’re suspected of terrorism.

Considering also past attempts to tight the surveillance grip over their citizens in the name of national security, a Canada VPN will help protect your anonymity and online privacy with some of the most secure encryption methods available. 

3. Fight back against cybercrime

Cybercrime is on the rise everywhere, including in Canada. 

In its 2020 report, research consultancy CyberEdge Group found that 78% of Canadian organizations experienced at least one cyberattack over a 12-month period. A year later, the figure increased to 85,7%. Ransomware seems to be the biggest cyber threat against Canadians, the Canadian Center for Cyber Security reported.  

Ransomware is a type of malware that infiltrates in users' devices to encrypt victims' data and block the access to it until a ransom fee is paid. It generally spreads through phishing emails and malicious links. 

Even though a VPN cannot prevent ransomware from infecting your devices (that's where getting the best antivirus comes in), it can still make you less vulnerable to attack. Some providers offer some advanced features to prevent possible malicious content to reach you - like NordVPN Threat Protection - while others have even added an antivirus as an optional extra to their package for full protection, Surfshark One is one of those. 

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4. Unlock worldwide content

A  VPN is the perfect tool for boosting your streaming experience in Canada and abroad.

All the major platforms, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney+, apply geo-restrictions over their content. Whether you're on holiday and want to watch your favorite TV shows like being at home, or you want to explore worldwide content from your sofa in Toronto, Vancouver or anywhere else in the Great White North, a good streaming VPN will easily make this happen. 

Are you fancying binging on some British TV tonight? Connect your Canada VPN to a server located in the UK and your Canadian ISP will be tricked to think that you are in the other side of the world. 

5. Bypass torrenting sites' blocks

Latest events clearly show the Canada's commitment against copyright infringements, after the internet service provider TekSavvy failed to overturn the first copyright based web-blocking order issued in the country.

Web-blocking has become a common anti-piracy tactic, especially among the film and music industry. When an order is issued, ISPs are then forced to block customers from accessing certain torrenting websites.

That's why a VPN is handy to overcome these blocks and torrent safely. However, we always recommend to use a VPN for torrenting no matter where you are.

What to look out for from your Canada VPN 

Top-notch security features, strong encryption and a transparent privacy policy are the essential elements you should consider when choosing your Canada VPN.

A good server coverage is also important for having a fast and reliable connection. A vast location choice will also give you even more freedom. User-friendly apps and reliable support are factors that especially beginners would like to keep in mind.

You should also think about why you need a VPN. Do you want to watch worldwide content at ease? You should then choose a Netflix VPN with a great unblocking streaming power. Are you a gamer? The faster is the better when it comes to choose your next gaming VPN

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