The Apple Car is a question of 'when, not if' according to one source

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The Apple Car will most probably not look anything like this concept (Image credit:

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the Apple Car, what with so many other Apple products jostling for attention – but according to one industry analyst, the long-rumored motor is still coming, and will be launched by the end of 2026.

Industry analyst Daniel Ives of Wedbush Securities said that it's a question of "when, not if" when it comes to the Apple Car, speaking to CNBC on Friday (via AppleInsider). He used the same phrase back in 2021, so he's being consistent with his predictions at least.

Apple has never said anything formally about a car, and a previous tip from Ives that Apple would announce a partnership with an established vehicle manufacturer has so far failed to materialize – though he has been correct on some other Apple predictions.

It's possible that focusing on the launch of the Apple Vision Pro has meant plans for an Apple Car have been pushed back. Ives didn't share any other tidbits of information about what's coming with the car – only that it is still on the way.

"We'll see what Apple does"

While speculation around the Apple Car has cooled down in recent months, rumors have been circulating for years at this point. We know that Apple has been recruiting executives from other car makers, including Tesla, which is one clue that an Apple Car is planned.

We've also heard talk that Apple has been doing deals with other companies when it comes to supplying tech for the electric vehicle. What's more, Apple has been linked to the testing of autonomous cars in California.

However, we're still not convinced that an Apple Car is indeed on the way. It would be a hugely ambitious move into a new market for the company – and it's possible that the rumors we've heard actually relate to Apple's plans for it's CarPlay software.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has actually been asked directly about what his company's plans are in terms of self-driving vehicles, but he was as coy on the topic as you would expect him to be: "We'll see what Apple does," Cook told the New York Times.

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