Ford EV owners will get free adaptors for Tesla's Supercharger network soon

Ford F-150 Lightning driving on a city road
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Ford EV owners will be sent a free charging adapter soon so they can use Tesla's Supercharger network across the US and Canada, according to Ford's CEO.

Most major EV manufacturers in the U.S and Canada have already announced plans to switch to the North American Charging Standard (NACS), the charging port used by Tesla that opens up seamless access to its extensive Supercharger network. This includes BMW, Hyundai Motor Group, Audi, Mazda and more.

Ford is also one of those manufacturers, but it also understands that many customers have already purchased its EVs with an existing, incompatible CCS adaptor. So in order to speed up access to America's second largest charging network (ChargePoint has notably more), it is supplying a free adaptor to owners of the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E models.

Jim Farley, Ford's CEO, posted on X (formerly Twitter): "I'm pleased to confirm that eligible Mustang Mach E and F150 Lightning owners in the U.S. and Canada can reserve a complimentary adapter starting soon." 

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"This is our way of saying thank you! We want to make charging more convenient for our Ford EV owners, so we're excited to add Tesla chargers and will continue growing our BlueOval Charge Network," he added.

Farley then went on to clarify who would be able to order said complimentary adaptor, explaining that 2021-24 model year Mustang Mach-E and F150 Lighting customers will be eligible, with the process validated by the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). "One charger per VIN," Farley added.

Further details of how to reserve the adaptor will be "shared soon," according to Ford's CEO, while customers using the Tesla Supercharger network can activate, charge and pay for the service through FordPass, its bespoke smartphone app that connects to current Ford EVs, on the in-vehicle Public Charging App.

You'll apparently be able to reserve the free adapters for your Ford EV from this Spring, with Farley adding that "details on how to reserve and tech specs of the adapter will be shared soon".

Starting the journey

Ford was one of the first big manufacturers to announce a deal with Tesla that would see some of its EV owners able to charge their cars at Supercharger stations across the US and Canada.

There are now actually only a few manufacturers left who haven't yet switched to the NACS port, with this year likely to see most automotive giants offering access to Tesla's Superchargers across the North American network this year.

In theory, this should make life a lot easier for non-Tesla EV owners, as the charging network – and arriving at stations only to find that the charger is incompatible – are among the main frustrations of switching to pure electric. While there's a long way to go, it'll hopefully be the beginning of the end of EV charger compatibility issues worldwide soon.

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