AMD AthlonN 64 FX-62

The king is dead

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Our Verdict

Simply too far away from Intel's latest and greatest to recommend


  • The best AMD has to offer


  • Newer processors are cheaper and better

When AMD first launched its X2 range of dual-core Athlon 64s, they were comfortably the most desirable CPUs on the planet and boasted untouchable multithreaded performance. Today, this flagship chip has been left high and dry by developments elsewhere in the market.

At its stock 2.8GHz clockspeed, this processor trades blows with the likes of Intel's Core s Duo E6400 and E6600 chips. Lest you have forgotten, those processors can be yours for just £146 and £200 respectively.

Thanks to the FX-62's pitiful overclocking headroom (we only managed to squeeze out another 200MHz), the FX-62 gets rogered. It's also spanked by the £119 E6300. If the FX is to become competitive once again, AMD badly needs to push it well beyond 3GHz.