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Acer AL2032W review

A high-performance monitor bursting with features

It's got gorgeous looks and a great picture

Our Verdict

High price tag, but does deliver the goods


  • Easy setup

    Great looks


  • Pricey

On the face of it, the Acer is an expensive piece of kit, with a price tag that's a good deal weightier than most 20-inch models. However, it's positively bristling with clever technology that more than outweighs the purchase price. The monitor features the CrystalBrite display system, which is Acer's answer to Sony's legendary X-Black technology.

Digital photos, DVD movies and games look their very best, thanks to the kind of truly vibrant tone and colour that's normally reserved for CRT displays. The only downside is that the screen's anti-reflective properties are poor in the extreme.

On the desk, the Acer's gorgeous looks match its performance, with a sleek and elegant design that stretches from the bottom of the minimalist, crescent-shaped base to the top of the slim bezel. More than just a pretty face, the Acer has a wide range of connection opportunities, starting with analog and DVI-D computer connections and extending to composite video, S-Video and SCART.

The Acer was a breeze to set up, with a single dab of the auto-tune button bringing the screen to razorsharp accuracy. There were no issues with even the highest frequency test charts, with rock-solid picture quality throughout. Fast-moving graphics were handled with equal aplomb, thanks to a super-fast 8ms response time.

The sound quality of the built-in 1W speakers, as with most LCD screens, is good enough to let you know when a new email has dropped into your inbox, that's about it. At least they're there if you really want them. It's really when photo- and videoediting that this screen comes into its own, with spectacular picture quality.