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Samsung NF110 review

The netbook is a fantastic all-round travel companion with very few flaws

Samsung NF11-A01UK
This Samsung netbook has an appealing style

Our Verdict

A fantastic all-round travel companion with very few flaws to mention


  • Usability
  • Build
  • Battery life


  • Limited performance

We haven't seen a new Samsung netbook in a while, although in the past they've proved to be highly portable and dependable devices. The NF110-A01UK is its latest mini machine, and we were very impressed by the all-round quality on offer.

As with most netbooks, performance is limited and only basic office tasks are possible. We had no trouble fiddling with our spreadsheets or checking emails, but try doing too much at once and the Samsung will struggle.

The integrated graphics are another restriction, good enough only for viewing your photo collection and movies. If you want to actually edit your media or play anything more complex than Solitaire, the Asus Lamborghini VX6 is a much better option with its dedicated graphics.

Where the Samsung truly excels is its portability. At 1.3kg, it's only marginally heavier than the Acer and Lenovo, but the 497 minutes of battery life is highly impressive, beating its nearest rival by almost two hours.

The chassis looks smart, with a dark finish to the lid that masks fingerprints and a neat all-white interior. The build also proves very resilient. We found no flex or weak spots, while the lid is dependably solid to protect the display.

The 10.1-inch screen lacks a glossy Super-TFT finish, which means it is less vibrant when displaying images. However, it is also non-reflective, suiting it to outdoor travel use.

We found the keyboard to be highly usable, with the bevelled keys all firmly mounted and offering a good amount of travel. Large-fingered users might struggle with the tiny directional keys, but we found we had no major problem touch-typing. The touchpad is a little cramped, although smooth and responsive.

The Samsung's features stray beyond the usual VGA and USB ports. A 4-in-1 memory card reader offers flexibility and it features Bluetooth 3.0, which offers faster data transfer with compatible peripherals than the old Bluetooth 2.1 standard. Networking is standard for a netbook, with 802.11n Wi-Fi and 10/100 Ethernet on board.

We also found the speakers to be a little more powerful than what you usually get on a netbook. Sound quality is not amazing however, so you'll ideally want to use a pair of speakers or headphones.

Although the Samsung suffers from the usual stilted performance of netbooks, we were pleased with the usability, firm build and excellent battery life, while the TFT screen is well suited to travel.

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