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Nikon Coolpix S8200 review

Quick, compact and bursting with beginner-friendly features

Nikon Coolpix S8200
Quick, compact and bursting with beginner-friendly features


  • Useful big zoom lens
  • Vibration Reduction
  • Great build quality
  • Responsive AF system
  • Full HD movies


  • No GPS
  • No manual exposure modes
  • Occasionally overexposes bright detail
  • AF less reliable at telephoto focal lengths

The latest addition to Nikon's elegant Style range of compact cameras seeks to combine form and function, marrying a chic design with a glut of high-end features; all in an easy-to-use, compact package.

The new Nikon Coolpix S8200 - which replaces the older S8100 - was launched alongside another, lower-spec 'S' model - the S6200.

Each camera comes with its own unique traits that set them apart and cater for different types of photographers. Headlining the Nikon Coolpix S8200's feature set is a 16MP back-illuminated sensor, 14x optical zoom lens with Vibration Reduction (VR) and a Full HD movie recording mode, complete with stereo sound. These make it a versatile alternative to the rest of the travel zoom compacts on the market, albeit without the GPS functionality that's offered by some pricier rivals.

Nikon coolpix s8200 side view

Nikon coolpix s8200 side view

Rather than sporting a completely overhauled feature set, the Nikon Coolpix S8200 offers just a few upgrades over its predecessor, notably the higher-resolution CMOS sensor (16MP compared to the S8100's 12.1MP), bigger focal range (14x zoom compared to 10x) and a wider starting focal length of 25mm, offering more versatility than the S8100's 30mm equivalent wide setting.

The 3-inch dimensions of the LCD display we saw on the older model remains the same on the Nikon Coolpix S8200. However, the resolution has been upped a little from 921,000 to 961,000-dots.

Nikon coolpix s8200 screen

Nikon coolpix s8200 screen

With an equivalent focal range of 25-350mm (on a 35mm camera), the Nikon Coolpix S8200 is ideally suited to photographers who like to shoot anything and everything, with its relatively compact dimensions making it a tempting option for avid globetrotters in need of a lightweight travel-friendly alternative to a bulkier camera system.