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TechRadar picks up two Experian Hitwise awards

TechRadar picks up two Experian Hitwise awards
Wins for TechRadar

Experian Hitwise's top 10 awards pick out the biggest sites in the UK and TechRadar has been named top of two and runner up in a third category.

In the Computers and Internet - Electronics category TechRadar is in front of AVForums, Sony and Samsung's official UK homes and Cnet.

Meanwhile in the Computers and Internet - Hardware category TechRadar is knocked into second place behind Apple's official UK website.

And it doesn't stop there - we also top the News and Media - IT Media segment as well, ahead of the Guardian's technology section in second place.

The awards come in the same week as TechRadar picked up the brilliantly named 'Totally killing it' award in the SPARKies.