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You need to see Google and GoPro's crazy VR video right now

Google Jump

Google IO 2015 brought along the announcement of Jump, a new way to experience virtual reality. Teaming up with GoPro, viewers will be able to "jump" into dream locations and vistas, which are recorded with a 360-degree video system, and look around using your device's motion sensors.

Viewing these videos will be as simple as having one of Google's super affordable and simple virtual reality headsets, Cardboard, and a phone equipped with the YouTube app. It's likely that tons of videos will be out in the near future, but Google and GoPro have teamed up to give users a small taste right now.

There are a few ways to watch. You can watch on the browser, controlling the camera movement by clicking and dragging your mouse or by using the WASD gaming control method.

On an Android device? You're in for a special treat. Open up the YouTube app and you'll be able to move around with your phone for a more realistic and interactive experience.