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Google Glass flopped because it was over-hyped and underdeveloped

Google Glass was always an experiment for Google, but Mountain View reckons that bad marketing was what ultimately killed it.

Google X research lab head Astro Teller took to the stage at Austin's SXSW festival to talk about how Google shattered its own Glass dream, but it wasn't all negative criticism.

Teller said the Glass Explorer program, by which the company let people try out Google Glass earlier than your average consumer, was a "great decision".

Their biggest misstep, though, was that, "We allowed, and sometimes even encouraged, too much attention to the program," Teller said, adding that they should have made it more clear that Glass was not a finished product.

Google X's attitude is that failure helps them learn, and the consumer version of Google Glass is (probably) still coming some time down the road. Hopefully we'll hear all about it at Google IO 2015 this May.