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This 43-inch Philips TV is half price at Amazon, but not for long

(Image credit: Philips)

If you're after a 43-inch 4K TV, you may be in luck. One of Philips' new TV models for 2019, the 7304 Performance Series, is now half-price for a short time.

While the 55-inch model of the 7304 was on sale last week, it's only now that the smaller, more compact 43-inch size is now getting the same treatment – meaning those of you with limited space (or just after something that doesn't dominate your home) can cash in on the latest Amazon sales.

We're still a while off Black Friday and Cyber Monday, though Amazon has been kicking things off early, likely in a bid to get a head start on competing retailers. The best Black Friday TV deals tend to be on older sets, though, so it's not that often we see such sharp discounts on TVs released so recently.

That's not a sign of a sub-standard television, though: the 7304 is is highly modern smart TV with 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR, HR10+, Dolby Atmos, and even three-sided Ambilight (for displaying colors around the room when the TV is in use). For a 43-inch set, that's a lot of premium technology in such a small size. Check out the deal below, as well as some other Philips sets if you're after a bigger display.

Today's best Black Friday TV deal

Philips 7304 Performance Series 4K HDR TV £850 £429 at Amazon
This 43-inch TV packs in HR10+ and Dolby Vision, as well as Philips' enthralling Ambilight technology. Dolby Atmos audio is bundled in too, though the set's 20W speakers may feel a bit underpowered by themselves. £421 off.View Deal

Other Philips TV deals ending today

Philips 6814 Ambilight 4K HDR TV £899 £699 at Amazon
This 65-inch television has broad HDR support, with Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HDR10, plus Dolby Atmos audio to boot. Ambilight technology will also project onscreen colors on the wall around your television for a truly cinematic movie night in. £200 off.
View Deal

Philips 6754 Ambilight 4K HDR TV £749 £649 at Amazon
Not quite as big a saving as the 6814, but the 6754 comes in at £50 cheaper with all discounts included – and comes with Ambilight too. 65-inch display. £100 off.
View Deal

Philips 6504 65-inch 4K HDR TV £699 £599 at Amazon
The same Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos support as the sets above. You won't get Ambilight, but that's another reason why the price tag is just a touch lower. £100 off.
View Deal

The Philips TV deals are live now and run until midnight on October 14 – which is today at the time of writing. To see what other new sets are incoming, have a look at our 2019 Philips TV guide.