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Virgin Media pips Freesat to the YouTube channel post

Virgin Media pips Freesat to the YouTube channel post
Just watching a bit of channel 198, don't mind us

Virgin Media TV subscribers can now access YouTube from channel 198 as the pay TV provider beats Freesat to the punch.

The free-to-air satellite service announced that it will be adding YouTube into its EPG by the end of March - but Virgin Media has added it into its EPG today.

That leaves Virgin free to yell "FIRST!" but we suppose Freesat can still have "FIRST (subscription-free)!" if it's really that important to it.

You on the tube

The YouTube content app will be merged into Virgin Media's channel listings, as well as making the video sharing community super easy to launch by just tapping in channel 198.

Virgin has also added YouTube clips and channels into TiVo's 'My Shows' and 'Search and Browse' areas.

So, basically, you Virgin Media subscribers have no excuse for being out of touch with the Harlem Shake and the Gangnam Style and whatever other hilarious dance crazes the kids are into these days.