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Amazon listings hint at imminent Apple TV refresh

Amazon listing hints at imminent Apple TV refresh
Take a bite out of that

On the verge of buying an Apple TV box? You may want to hold fire until after Apple's launch even on October 22.

Amazon France and Amazon Germany both listed the Apple TV box as unavailable until October 23 - Amazon France has since changed its tune.

That two Amazon outlets have run out of Apple TV stock with an Apple event just around the corner has set our hardware-refresh senses tingling.

iPad bonanza

So while we're expecting a new iPad and an iPad mini 2, we're also thinking Apple will release an upgraded set top box to boot.

What it almost certainly won't be is a full-on Apple iTV television set though, so don't go chucking your TV out in preparation.

We're also hoping for more info on that new Mac Pro, a release date for OS X Mavericks and maybe - just maybe - word of the Apple iWatch.

  • But the iPads will be the headliners - catch up on all the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 gossip now