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LG will join Samsung in nailing plasma TVs' coffin closed

Goodbye plasma, hello future

There was a time when plasma TVs sounded so futuristic that you had to check your flip phone to make sure it was still 1999, but no longer.

Now plasma display panels (PDPs) are going the way of the dodo, if dodos had been purposely phased out by companies determined to replace them with technologically superior birds.

Samsung said over the summer it would stop producing plasma displays as of November 30, and now LG has joined in the coffin-nailing with the announcement that it will do the same, and on the same day, too.

Easy transition

Panasonic and other companies have previously made the same pronouncement as well.

LG says with it and Samsung's withdrawal from plasma TV production only one company, China's Changhong, remains in the global PDP market.

Like Samsung, LG will henceforth focus on OLED and LCD displays, which are cheaper to produce, use less power and are more reliable over time.

  • Definitely don't look for plasma TVs at CES 2015