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BT broadens its 4K horizons with Ultra HD Netflix

BT sporting Netflix 4K
The first UK TV service to offer UHD Netflix
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BT TV has just become the first UK television service to be able to deliver Netflix in 4K Ultra HD directly from its set-top box.

Having also been the first to show live Ultra HD content, via its BT Sport Ultra HD channel, this latest announcement gives BT's 4K catalogue a welcome boost.

The Humax DTR-T4000 YouView box has been upgraded so that it can now deliver the full spectacle of Netflix's 4K loveliness. There's a fair list of caveats in tow though as you obviously need a 4K TV (with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 connections) to display the goods and be a fully signed up BT Infinity broadband customer rocking the Total Entertainment package too.

You also need to be signed up to the top tier of Netflix's subscription packages, which gives you the ability to have four concurrent streams going at once as well as access to Netflix's Ultra HD content.

"Our Ultra HD package will enhance the experience and provide unmissable content at great value, including must-see new Netflix shows like Narcos, and original series like Orange Is The New Black available, alongside live action from the Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League and Europa League," said MD of BT TV and BT Sport, Delia Bushell.

"We're delighted to be offering our customers a wide range of incredible Ultra HD content with the convenience of a single bill."


It's a feather in the cap for YouView too, having its Ultra HD set top box upgraded with even more 4K content.

"We are delighted to upgrade Netflix building on the launch of the UK's first Ultra HD set top box," said Richard Halton, CEO of YouView. "We are very proud of our partnership with BT to deliver an even better service for BT TV consumers. It's also a great testament to the team at YouView to deliver this in time for Christmas!"

Why go through BT?

But with Netflix accessible by pretty much every modern smart 4K TV why would you want to go through the YouView box instead of the native app on your television?

BT is saying having the convenience of a single bill is a major selling point but for us it's the fact that having 4K Netflix going directly through your BT YouView box means it won't contribute to your download allowance.

Granted even the bottom rung of the Infinity ladder is set at a healthy 40GB/month limit, but the fact you won't even need to think about it is a definite bonus. And fair usage policies be damned too.

Binge-watch 'til your eyeballs go dry.