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Xperia Z2 becomes lifelogging machine with new YouTube-tethered app

Sony Xperia Live on YouTube
Tap to live stream

Sony is out with a new camera app made for Xperia Z2 users who want to live stream their daily lives.

Xperia's Live on YouTube allows users to broadcast up to 15 minutes of video directly from their smartphone camera to their YouTube channel for viewers to watch. All it takes a single press of a button and the smartphone will stream directly to the 'Tube.

Sony believes users will be able to use its app to broadcast everything from their own webinars to video blogs, as well as share important life moments such as their child's first steps.

While users are live streaming their everyday experiences, they can see a live number of views, likes and dislikes updating in real time. Additionally, Xperia live streamers will have control over which of their broadcasts go up and can set reminders to schedule their online video feed.


Sony calls its Live on YouTube app an evolution of Social Live, which already lets users shoot and upload videos to YouTube from their handset.

Elsewhere the Japanese electronics giant has been trying to implement live streaming sharing options to its other platforms including the PS4, which had a short-lived video broadcasting capability.

For everyone else who wants a live streaming device that's not a Sony Xperia Z2, there are devices like the Narrative Clip and Giroptic's 360cam.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is the Hardware and Roundups Editor at IGN Entertainment. Prior to IGN Entertainment, he worked at TechRadar.