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Google faces fines over app refund row

Little Android is in trouble with the fuzz
Little Android is in trouble with the fuzz

Google has been fined Tw$1,000,000 (£21,620) by officials in Taipei after refusing to change its app return policy.

Taiwan has a stringent consumer protection law in place, specifying that customers must get a seven day cooling off period after buying any product online during which they can return it for a full refund.

Google, however, only gives customers fifteen minutes to return an app after buying and deciding they don't want it.


On 8 June, the city government ruled that Apple, as well as Google, had contravened the law, but while Apple amended its rules in accordance with the law, Google has not.

And we can see why – giving people a week to use an app as much as they want and then return it for a full refund a week later is the equivalent of buying a dress, wearing it to a party then returning it to the shop the next day. Such behaviour could damage Android developers' profits, as well as Google's own.

Although refusing to comment on the situation, Google is reportedly sending US execs over to Taiwan to discuss the matter, but it faces similar subsequent fines if it doesn't change its ways by 1 July.

Via Economic Times and PhoneArena