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Samsung could make OLED screens for all of Apple's 2018 iPhones

Apple may have just signed a deal with Samsung Display to buy OLED panels for the iPhone 9, which we expect to see come out in 2018.

Rumors suggest this year we'll see the release of the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 - with the latter the only version tipped to come with an OLED display. 

The iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus are rumored to stick with LCD displays that have been used on previous iPhone handsets.

This latest leak suggests all versions of the 2018 iPhone will come with OLED screens though.

Even more OLED

This report from Korea suggests there will be 5.28-inch and 6.46-inch display sizes and Samsung Display will be able to supply shipments of 180 million units.

In 2017, Apple is only able to find stock of 80 million panels for the iPhone 8. It's thought Apple wanted more stock of OLED screens, but has struggled to source them as so many other manufacturers have ordered OLED stock.

Whatever Apple calls the iPhone range this year, we're currently expecting to see three exciting phones but only one with an OELD display.

Via Patently Apple