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Razer CEO confirms 'fancy add-on features' for Phone camera

I've only just reviewed the new Razer Phone, but the company's CEO, Min-Liang Tan, has already been in touch about what you can expect going forward from its first ever handset.

Tan tweeted me directly to raise some points about the Razer Phone after reading my review, and the CEO confirmed that the camera will see improvements with software updates.

The promise of "fancy add on features" certainly sounds enticing, but it's currently unclear what they will entail - although I've asked Tan whether he can reveal more details.

The Bokeh effect is popular among smartphone manufacturers at the moment, especially those putting dual cameras on the back of their devices, so I wouldn't be surprised is this turned up on the Razer Phone.

Getting on the games

I also mentioned in my review that the Razer Phone doesn't highlight games that are available in the Play Store and can run at 120Hz (to take advantage of the phone's unique display), but Tan suggests the firm will look into promoting these better as well.

More big-name titles, as well as a Razer Phone exclusive game, are due to arrive on the handset in early 2018, which may help entice gamers to give the phone a go.

If Razer can improve camera performance, along with promoting games better on device, then the Razer Phone is only going to get better.