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Moto 360 details finally announced

Moto 360 release date and price unveiled
Moto 360 release date and price unveiled
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The Moto 360 has already stolen a march on its smartwatch rivals in the early battle for publicity with a round design, and now Motorola's much-hyped wearable has officially got a release date and price.

The Moto 360 will be priced at $249 for the US market and will be available there starting Friday, September 5. Statesiders can grab it via Google Play, Best Buy and Motorola itself.

In the UK, the Moto 360 price will be starting at £199 and the release date has been set for early October. Stockists will include O2, Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis.

Both territories will be able to plump for either a grey leather or black leather strap.

We've had some, ahem, time with the watch, news of which we broke back at Mobile World Congress in February, and our early impressions are that the design is impressive, even if Android Wear needs some work.

Moto 360 - gets around

Moto 360 - gets around

Boasting a lovely strap and less bulky on the wrist than you might think from the dimensions, it's certainly an early front-runner in the style stakes, although the screen constantly fading to black does diminish its impact.

Moto Hint

Also shown off by Motorola at an event in the UK was the Moto Hint - a Bluetooth earbud that has been designed to complement the Moto X phone.

Moto Hint - budding success?

Moto Hint - budding success?

There's no release date, but we have been told that the bud will be coming in the next few months.

Moto's latest kit - the Moto X, Hint and 360.

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