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Sony announces new digital photo frames

Sony S frame
Three new frames have been added to the line-up

Sony has expanded its range of digital photo frames in its S line-up to include the DPF-C1000, DPF-C800 and DPD-C70A.

Available in a choice of sizes from 18cm (7 inches) up to 26cm (10 inches), the frames feature a thick black border.

Images can be transferred to the frame with your camera's memory card, and a range of slideshows and clock/calendar display modes are available.

Operation has been designed to be simple and intuitive, with easy-to-use buttons and on-screen icons to guide you through adjustments and display modes. Sony has done away with fiddly menus in a bid to improve usability.

An energy-saving timer is featured on all the new models in the range. The timer can be set to switch the photo frame into power-saving standby mode when it's not needed, such as at night or during the day when you might be out at work.

The frames are compatible with Memory Stick PRO Duo and SD/SDHC formats and can display JPEGs, TIFFs, BMPs and interestingly, raw files. It's unclear whether it will display raw files from cameras other other than from the Sony stable, but that's something we'll be keen to find out.

Sony claims that the frames produce rich, lifelike colours - something we'll be testing out in an upcoming review.

Users can choose from four slideshow options to display their photos.

The new S range of digital photo frames will be available from September 2011. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.