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Sony unveils TG7VE Full HD Handycam

Sony TG7VE and its 2.7 inch high res screen
Sony TG7VE and its 2.7 inch high res screen

Sony has unveiled its compact TG7VE full HD camcorder, which boasts GPS and 16GB of internal memory.

The Sony TG7VE Handycam features a 2.7inch LED, its internal memory can take 6 hours of footage with a Memory Stick slot that can take another 36GB for 12 more hours.

Small, but perfectly formed?

But it's the claim that it's the world's smallest, lightest full HD camcorder that will receive the attention, along with a GPS chip that plots your location and takes notes of just where your footage is from – handy for telling your Bondai beach from your Brighton Pier perhaps.

The TG7VE like its predecessor, the popular TG3E, has a tough titanium body and a 'Premium Hard' coating, to keep it from damage, intelligent face detection and can, of course, take stills as well.

Plus, Sony has also announced a range of add-ons including the VCL-HGE07TB 'wide angle cap', and a few cases to boot.