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Vodafone apologises for outage, but it's all OK now

Vodafone confirms 'intermittent' network fault
At least you can still tweet...

Vodafone has confirmed to TechRadar that the issues some users were experiencing with their service have now been fixed.

The earlier statement said: "We know that some customers may be experiencing intermittent issues when using their phone this afternoon. The issue will not affect all customers and we're working hard to resolve this. We apologise for any inconvenience."

But while it hasn't given us a reason for the earlier failures, which saw some with full signal but unable to call, text or use data, it has just sent us the following update:

"Some of our customers were affected by intermittent issues earlier this afternoon, which may have prevented them from connecting some calls, using some data services and sending some texts. We've had our engineers working to fix this as their highest priority and are restoring full service now. We'll be continuing to monitor the situation closely to ensure that all services remain stable.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused."

All a-Twitter

NCGNetworks, a B2B telecoms provider tweeted earlier: "Vodafone have a nationwide issue sporadically causing problems with voice, data and SMS services. Engineers are working on it."

The overall problem thankfully only lasted a few hours, but this unfortunately means the issues won't be enough for users to claim compensation.

Here's hoping that the problems aren't as severe as in 2011, when some little blighter broke into the Basingstoke site and stole the important bits needed to broadcast a signal...