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First ever Google Phone prototype revealed in court

First ever Google Phone prototype revealed in court
The first ever Google phone looks like a backwards BlackBerry Bold

Pictures of the first prototype Google Phone device from 2006 have surfaced, along with the search giant's initial plans for the Android operating system.

Two years before Android was launched commercially, Google approached T-Mobile USA with the prospect of releasing an internet-centric phone with a $9.99 a month (£6) unlimited data plan.

The initial device looks a little bit like a strange BlackBerry Bold, with Google proposing an open source operating system packed with Google apps like Maps, Gmail and Google Talk.

That would eventually, of course, become Android.

Court battle

The intriguing images and plans surfaced in court documents during Google's battle with Oracle over its use of the Java software within Android.

Google's plans to subsidise the data plans, which would have included free Gmail, Gtalk, Google Search and Internet browsing, naturally did not come to fruition when Android launched in 2008.

The first handset, the G1, did indeed arrive on T-Mobile, but with regular data plans in the US and the UK.