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iPhone 5 to come with 8MP camera, no SIM

iPhone 5: how many rumours can we squeeze in before 6 June?
iPhone 5: how many rumours can we squeeze in before 6 June?
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New sources have claimed that the iPhone 5 will launch at WWDC next week, complete with an 8MP camera, multiple internal antenna and, potentially, a Qualcomm chipset.

We've lost track of the number of rumours about the next generation of iPhone, with myriad analysts and anonymous sources suggesting that we wouldn't see hide nor hair of it until September 2011.

But, with WWDC just a week away, the rumour mill has shifted back to anticipating that it will launch in June, as is usual for Apple's iPhone refreshes.

It's all getting a bit boring now

We're not expecting big things from the iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 4S, its suggested moniker), with the design remaining largely the same as the iPhone 4, but incorporating a new processor, a better camera and three or four antennas to make it a 'world phone', as Verizon let slip last month ago.

The sources also say that the phone will be SIM-less, which goes against what France Telecom's CEO told reporters last week about a "new standard of SIM card".

Although supposedly set to be launched at WWDC next week, respected leak site Macotakara's sources claim the iPhone 5 release date won't be until the end of July or early August.

They also claim that a major refresh of the handset is slated for launch in early 2012; iPhone 6, anyone?

From Macotakara via Apple Insider

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