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HTC: No 3D TV? Then you won't want a 3D phone

HTC Evo 3D - no good if you don't have a 3D TV?
HTC Evo 3D - no good if you don't have a 3D TV?

With the HTC Evo 3D UK release date falling in July or August – just a month or so after the HTC Sensation hit our shelves – you'd be forgiven for thinking that HTC could be doing itself out of some high-end sales.

But that's not how HTC sees it, arguing that, although spec-wise the Sensation and Evo 3D are very similar beasts, what they offer is quite different.

Graham Wheeler, director of commercialization and product management at HTC, explained at a press briefing that TechRadar attended: "We see the Evo 3D as future-proofing and helping to drive the 3D market ahead.

"3D won't necessarily come to all products, but we do see more 3D products coming – we'll save future announcements for the future."


When asked if HTC thought that the Evo 3D would steal some of the newly-released Sensation's potential sales, he answered:

"The Sensation is quite different – it feels smaller, more tactile; whereas the Evo 3D is a serious media phone. It's very much a camera-phone.

"But if you don't already have a 3D [television] screen in your home, you probably won't want one."