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HTC Hero set to be T-Mobile G1 Touch?

The HTC Hero - we can't wait
The HTC Hero - we can't wait

There's a strong possibility that the rumoured launch of a new Android device from HTC today in London will be the new HTC Hero, but re-badged as the T-Mobile G1 Touch.

While we're confused as to why HTC would want to brand backwards having released the G2 under the guise of the HTC Magic with Vodafone, the tweet from T-Mobile UK stating that more info on the G1 Touch would be 'coming very soon' would hint at such a possibility.

Add to that the fact an errant journo has been tweeting about 'really looking forward' to the new HTC Hero launch today, and things start to mesh together.

Rosie rides again

What is exciting us is the likely launch of the new Android skin, dubbed by many as 'Rosie', which basically adds TouchFLO-like functionality with more 'cool' features, such as Facebook integration into contacts.

We're going to be sitting excitedly in the front row at the London launch later today, so keep your browser set to TechRadar to see our full and in-depth hands on with the new HTC Hero / T-Mobile G1 when / if it arrives.

Via Engadget and Pocket-lint