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HTC: Deep Facebook integration could come to all smartphones

HTC planning more Facebook phones?
HTC planning more Facebook phones?

HTC has told TechRadar that it may roll out the Facebook integration from its recently unveiled HTC ChaCha and Salsa to other devices.

Jon French, executive director of HTC UK, Ireland and South Africa, said that HTC had worked on making the Facebook integration as simple as possible and the same features could be brought to more devices in the future:

"It's no secret that we don't mind developers plugging into our Sense UI in the same way we worked with Facebook on [the ChaCha and Salsa] - it would be a relatively easy thing to take a third-party application and make sure it's integrated well into Sense."

Different directions

"We could have implemented what we did on those devices on higher-end smartphones, but we're trying to target a different demographic; those that pick up their smartphone even before out of bed.

"However, there's nothing to say we won't expand that offering into different areas of our portfolio going forward - or even expand it to offer different services."

While French refused to be drawn on which services that could be, the offer is clearly open for another big name to come in and make the same impression - could the Spotify phone be up next?