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Google set to depose Sanjay Jha as Motorola CEO

oogle set to depose Sanjay Jha as Motorola CEO
Motorola will soon be in the hands of Google, but Sanjay Jha is unlikely to be leading the charge

Google is set to mark its Motorola Mobility takeover by supplanting the company's current CEO with one of its own executives.

Bloomberg reports that Sanjay Jha is on the outs with Moto, while Google's advertising kingpin Dennis Woodside, who has been overseeing the merger, will be named as his replacement.

Woodside, who worked at AOL before heading to Google, will continue to report to CEO Larry Page and CFO Patrick Pichette as the Big G takes the reins.

Motorola and Google have so far refused to comment on the report.

Takeover nearing completion

The $12.5 billion takeover was given the green light by regulators in the United States and Europe last week and is now nearing completion.

Google plans to use Motorola's 17,000-strong army of mobile patents in order to ward off IP lawsuits from Apple, which has launched a courtroom crusade against Google and its Android operating system.

Google still plans to run Motorola as a separate company and has no plans to alienate its Android partners by giving all the good stuff to its new baby.

Via: Bloomberg