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Android 7.1 will only bring Google Assistant to Pixel owners

Android 7

If you'd expected the upcoming Android 7.1 upgrade to bring with it Google's new AI technology, you're going to be disappointed.

Unless you have a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, the Android 7.1 update won't bring with it support for Google Assistant.

Android 7.1's changelog was found by Android Police, which revealed Google Assistant would remain exclusive to Pixel products in the next upgrade.

In time

Google confirmed the bad news to TechCrunch, but said it plans to bring Assistant to wider Android devices in the near future.

Google told TechCrunch, "Our goal is to make the Google Assistant widely available to users, and we'll continue to launch new surfaces over the course of the next year."

Android 7.1 is launching in its developer edition by the end of October, but it's still unclear when the finished version will begin rolling out to smartphones and tablets.

The latest Nougat upgrade will bring with it a new Night Light blue light filter mode, the ability to swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to open your notifications bar as well as Daydream VR mode.