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Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases

Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung has been showing-off futuristic bendable phones for years, but it wasn't until the Galaxy S6 Edge arrived in 2015 that we started believing that the smartphone could have a future beyond straight sides and flat screens.

There's more to the second-gen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge than flexible screen tech and a curved effect on the sides. Try this: upgraded camera, extended battery life, microSD card slot and a waterproof design.

That's an impressive roll-call, but in other ways the S7 Edge is a mere mortal, with its glass screen and aluminum curves in need of some protection. Cue our pick of the best cases around that bring out the best in Samsung's greatest smartphone yet.

Below, you’ll find several recommendations that cover a wide range of budgets and style preferences. While some of these options are untested, they are each a cut above the rest due to their value and design, and are backed by positive consumer feedback.

Note: we've ranked these from cheapest to most expensive according to prices at time of writing.

Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor Clear case

A cheap and cheerful option

Colors: Clear, Smoke/Black, Pink/White, Blue/Black
Material: Polycarbonate
Reasons to buy
+Cheap+Offers drop protection
Reasons to avoid
-Plain plastic-Not as tough as some cases

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is waterproof, the need for over-engineered military-grade cases is questionable. Cue the Survivor, a transparent and scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell that allows for a drop onto concrete from up to 4ft/1.8m. That's pretty good considering the S7 Edge is one of the most delicate phones ever created.

If you love the Edge's design and you're really not interested in wrapping it in black plastic, the clear Survivor could work. However, it's also available in Smoke/Black, Pink/White and Blue/Black.

Obliq Slim Meta

Obliq Slim Meta Case

A metal look without a metal price

Colors: Gold, Pink, Gray, Black
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+Very slim+Absorbs shock
Reasons to avoid
-Clad in plastic-Metal effect isn't totally convincing

Designed to be almost an extension of the Edge's design ethos, this super-thin wraparound from Obliq comes in four colors to match the phone itself; gold, pink, gray and black.

However, the Slim Meta is about more than just looks, interrupting its brushed metallic finish with plastic corners. That adds some handy shock resistance right where it's needed, while a second layer of plastic inside the case creates general protection against drops.

VRS Design

VRS Design Layered Dandy Case

Looks after your phone and your cards

Colors: Brown, Black, Red
Material: Synthetic leather
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Few color choices-Uses synthetic leather

For those after a case that protects the S7 Edge and takes multiple cards and cash, this oddly-named leather case fits the bill. Inside are three slots for credit cards and notes, with a magnetic clasp to keep everything wrapped-up and safe.

The Layered Dandy has another safety angle; a plastic rim makes it impossible for any part of the Edge to get a knock or a bump if dropped, with the protection concentrated on the corners, where even a slight impact can too easily crack a screen.

YFWOOD Handmade Wooden Carving Case

An unusual material and an eye-catching finish

Colors: Totem, Elephant, Skull, Cloud, Indian Totem, Rosewood Lion
Material: Wood and plastic
Reasons to buy
+Unusual material+Striking designs
Reasons to avoid
-Not hugely protective-Plain plastic frame

While there are a number of wooden cases around, they’re still relatively rare compared to plastic and even leather ones. Which is a shame, because they look great.

This YFWOOD case is a prime example, not just made from a premium material, but also sporting an interesting and eye-catching design.

The pictured model is a totem design, but there are several other options available and all of them keep the back and sides of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge safe from scratches and minor falls.


Prodigee Accent for Galaxy S7 Edge

A basic case at a good price

Colors: Navy/Silver, Pink/Gold, Aqua/Gold, Black
Material: Plastic and microfiber
Reasons to buy
+Reasonable price+Shows your phone off
Reasons to avoid
-Middling protection-Plain design

This two-tone, two-piece case is as simple as it gets. There's valuable protection for the rear and the corners of the phone, but the Accent's low-rise sides help show-off the Edge's unique design.

However, even on the sides there's enough of a plastic bumper to protect against any kind of impact. The inside is soft microfiber.

Available in navy/silver, pink/gold, aqua/gold, and black, the Accent's bottom quarter comes away for easy removal of the S7 Edge.


Tech21 Evo Wallet Case

Feature-packed and surprisingly slim

Colors: Pink, Black
Material: Plastic and microfiber
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Limited color choice-Plastic construction

Tech 21 cases are all about impact protection, but the Evo Wallet does a tad more than offering impact protection from drops of 6.6ft/2m. Inside is a slot for one credit card, but the genius of the flip-over screen cover is that is also serves as a kick-stand for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge itself.

Great for watching movies on the train or plane, the Evo Wallet is surprisingly slim, with ridged plastic on the outside and soft microfiber within. Available in pink and black.

Flip Wallet

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LED Flip Wallet

An innovative case that you don't need to open

Colors: Black, Gold, Silver
Material: Faux leather
Reasons to buy
+LED display+Card slot
Reasons to avoid
-Not real leather-Costs a lot

Android Pay is here at last and we don't have to carry around credit cards any longer. OK, just one as backup. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Wallet is ideal for taking on a night out, with a slot for storing a single bank card as well as a cut-out for the camera.

However, the USP of this official leather-style wallet cover from Samsung is its clever magnet-powered dot-matrix display, that lets you accept and decline calls without opening it.

Keyboard Cover

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Keyboard Cover

Makes your Samsung more like a BlackBerry

Colors: Black, Gold
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+Adds extra functionality to your phone+Includes hot keys
Reasons to avoid
-Basic protection-Very expensive

Admit it: you miss your old BlackBerry. If tapping away with your thumbs using the on-screen keyboard isn't your style or skill, Samsung feels your pain. Its solution is this nifty slap-on keyboard that offers a QWERTY layout.

It's covered in hot keys and shortcuts unique to Samsung phones, and while it's detachable, the package also includes a simple protective case for the Edge that features basic protection on all four corners.

Alston Craig

Alston Craig Personalized RFID Blocking Case

Luxurious and clever

Colors: Black, Brown
Material: Leather
Reasons to buy
+Custom engraving+RFID blocker
Reasons to avoid
-Premium price-Old fashioned look

If you like it, you should put your name on it. Engraving a phone case – even this posh brown leather number from Alston Craig – might seem a little over the top, but this hand-made number is a bit special.

The snazzy striped inner-lid doesn't only take a ton of credit cards, but also includes an RFID-blocking lining to protect them from counterfeit readers accessing the RFID data on your cards as you walk by.

Samsung Lens Cover

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Lens cover

Makes the best smartphone camera better

Colors: Black
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+Expands the phone's camera capabilities+Two lenses included
Reasons to avoid
-Very expensive-Chunky

Samsung is putting out a lot of its own accessories for the Galaxy S7 Edge, but the king so far is this unique Lens cover.

Attempting to get over the limitations of a fixed lens, the package contains two separate lenses – a telephoto and a wide-angle – which screw-in to the back. However, do remember that adding more glass to a phone camera always means less light.

When nothing is attached the thread socket doesn't poke out much, making this unusual specialist photography case perfectly suitable for everyday use, too.

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