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Not sure where to view video games in virtual reality? YouTube has your answer

(Image credit: YouTube)
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Virtual reality put a new spin on how we watch streaming video, and streaming video put a new spin on how we consume games. 

Fitting, it seems, that YouTube is giving a spotlight (opens in new tab) to videos that bridge the gap between virtual reality and spectating your favorite games and players.

The internet video giant has put together its own playlist (opens in new tab) filled with a whopping 80 VR-enabled videos a wide range of gamers can enjoy, several of which being the fruits of YouTube's direct collaboration with major game developers and content creators.

Get your head(set) in the game

Whether it's highlights from the 2016 League of Legend World Championship Finals (opens in new tab), an episode of Red vs Blue (opens in new tab), or a tour of a sprawling Minecraft kingdom (opens in new tab), any one of the videos in YouTube's "Step into the Games" playlist shows off everything from in-game footage to live events in the world of gaming.

Of course, the 360-degree videos can be enjoyed with a mouse or touchscreen to 'look' around, but owners of headsets like Google Cardboard or the more advanced Google Daydream View can fully immerse themselves in the playlist by using the dedicated YouTube VR app.

You can start your VR gaming tour with the video below, showing off a full 360-degree look inside the trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It's worth a look for the super-detailed environments, if not the increasingly true-to-life portrayals of how advancing technology may ruin our society.

Parker Wilhelm is a freelance writer for TechRadar. He likes to tinker in Photoshop and talk people's ears off about Persona 4.