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Jews now praying on their BlackBerry

BlackBerries help out forgetful Jews
BlackBerries help out forgetful Jews

Although we live much faster-paced lifestyles these days, the need to connect with God is still important to many, which is why members of the Jewish community have started using their BlackBerry as a prayer aid.

For use when praying three times a day, Jews can install a software program onto their handset that delivers daily prayers in a bite size format.

The technology was dreamt up by two businessmen who attended Yeshiva University in New York as a way of helping Jews keep on top of their busy schedules.

BlackBerry saves your prayers

"Throughout the day, Jews gather in office-building stairwells and conference rooms to pray, and while sometimes you might not remember your prayer book, no one goes anywhere without their BlackBerry," says co-creator Jonathan Bennett.

The release comes after Research in Motion decided to open up an App Store in similar way to Apple and Google, allowing users to develop and sell programs on the platform.

However, the prayer program is not part of this system, instead it is just one of many quirky programs already available to a number of BlackBerry addicts, such as the Mobile Bartender.