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Android 3.1 update rolls out to UK Motorola Xooms

Motorola Xoom - now with extra Honeycomb
Motorola Xoom - now with extra Honeycomb

Motorola has announced that the Android 3.1 update is now rolling out to Motorola Xoom tablets in the UK.

The over-the-air software update brings with it a more visual multi-tasking tool, resizable homescreen widgets, keyboard and mouse support and activates the SD card slot that has been redundant until now.

Activate the Queen

Other handy new features that Android 3.1 supports are picture transfer directly from a camera via USB, support for joysticks and game pads, Wi-Fi lock and Adobe Flash player.

Although some of our American cousins have already begun to see Android 3.2 land on their Xooms, Android 3.1 launched in May 2011 and is only now making its way to the flagship tablet in the UK.

In the meantime, Samsung has managed to launch its Android 3.1-toting Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which will give the Xoom a good run for its money, particularly as we dubbed it "the best Android tablet yet".

Either way, prospective tablet buyers might find our video buyer's guide a useful watch in their quest to buying the perfect tablet for them: