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Acer unveils new Aspire netbook details

Acer unveils new laptop range
Acer unveils new laptop range

Acer is looking to avoid the Christmas rush, by announcing it is to release its new 10-inch Aspire netbook around February or March next year. The news was let slip by the Scott Lin, Acer Taiwan President.

The 10-inch model is an update of the company's 8.9-inch model, released earlier this year.

More sizes announced

It seems that size matters for the company, as it's not just the netbook market that Acer wants to give a shot in the arm.

Lin has also announced a handful of other laptops that will be released in 2009. These include, in size order, 12.1-inch, 13.3-inch (the first Acer laptop at this size), 14.1-inch and 15.6-inch models. While specs for the computers are sparse, all models will be LED-based.

For Acer's existing line-up, price drops are expected, with mid-range models most likely to see a cost cut.