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KFC’s gaming couch is trigger-finger lickin’ good

Serious gamers will tell you how crucial is it to seat their delicate derrières on suitable surfaces for maximum gaming performance – and fried chicken-peddler KFC reckons it has the perfect setup for all your co-op crusades and head-to-head showdowns. 

Lovingly dubbed “The Colonel’s Couch” the modified Chesterfield provides two comfy seats divided by what can only be described as the greatest feat in engineering since the Great Wall of China. 

The centre console is home to a family sized bucket, chips, built-in sauces, four 3L soft drink dispensers, wet wipes and even the gravy fountain of dreams.  

The Colonel of couches

If you’re not already drooling, speakers have been built into the armrests and neon lights adorn the front to complete the look. 

The bad news is you won’t be able to buy The Colonel’s Couch. Instead it will be used at KFC vs gaming events, the first of which takes place on November 27 with a Gamers vs Grime competition. 

We just hope the sofa is grease proof…